Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Baby Gear

It's show us your life-Baby Gear at

My favorite Baby Gear:

Bouncer-Landon used his more than Lilly. She likes being in my arms, lol!
Gowns-Both of my babies LIVED in these for the first months!
Nursing Bra/Gown-More like "Mommy Gear", but if you're nursing, these are a must!!!
Gate-We got one from Babies R Us that makes a circle. It was GREAT!
Bathtime Baby holder-not sure what it was really called, but it was blue and white and it hooked to the side of the tub and had a seat that the baby sat in. LOVED IT!!! Landon used it until he was almost 2! I was paranoid about letting him go...

Not-so-good-Baby Gear:
Diaper Genie-What a waste! We didn't like it...
Pacies-Went ALL out and got expensive ones of every color and neither baby would take one, lol!
Carriers-We got the cheapo one from Walmart, and it hurts the babies legs...
Baby Bathtubs-We like to bathe our babies in the sink :o)
Playpen-Landon cried and cried in the playpen!

All babies are different. Landon hated things that Lilly loves and Lilly hates things that Landon loved! They are super different :o)