Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We have made it through our first year of baseball (capball)! It was TOUGH!!! Capball is kind of like tball, but the parents go on the field with their kiddo...Let me tell you-chasing after a two year old on a baseball field while eight months pregnant is NOT fun, lol! During the process, I realized that I am not much of a sports fan...Landon seemed to be on my side about the whole adventure...He didn't care too much for practicing and the games consisted of digging in the dirt for "pretty rocks" (I guess that is what happens when you don't let your kid play in the dirt at home!).

Me and Landon in the Opening Day Parade:
How mean is it that they put the field next to the playground? I had to peel him away from the fence a lot!:
Landon playing 2nd base, lol!:
He was a funny little batter! He would hit the ball and then run to get it! Then he would pitch a fit when the other team got "his" ball!:
Drinking Juice at the ball party:
Landon and his little team mates:
Getting a trophy:
He's soooo proud!!!:
Enjoying a yummy cupcake:
Then we played in a mud puddle when we got home! What a way to end the season!:

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