Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Baby Gear

It's show us your life-Baby Gear at

My favorite Baby Gear:

Bouncer-Landon used his more than Lilly. She likes being in my arms, lol!
Gowns-Both of my babies LIVED in these for the first months!
Nursing Bra/Gown-More like "Mommy Gear", but if you're nursing, these are a must!!!
Gate-We got one from Babies R Us that makes a circle. It was GREAT!
Bathtime Baby holder-not sure what it was really called, but it was blue and white and it hooked to the side of the tub and had a seat that the baby sat in. LOVED IT!!! Landon used it until he was almost 2! I was paranoid about letting him go...

Not-so-good-Baby Gear:
Diaper Genie-What a waste! We didn't like it...
Pacies-Went ALL out and got expensive ones of every color and neither baby would take one, lol!
Carriers-We got the cheapo one from Walmart, and it hurts the babies legs...
Baby Bathtubs-We like to bathe our babies in the sink :o)
Playpen-Landon cried and cried in the playpen!

All babies are different. Landon hated things that Lilly loves and Lilly hates things that Landon loved! They are super different :o)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Month Old

Lilly is "actually" 6 weeks old and I've been trying to get her one month old pictures complete for a while.
This one is my absolute FAVORITE!

This one didn't turn out like I wanted (her toenail polish is chipped and her feet aren't crossed) but oh well, I'm trying to let go of my perfectionism, lol!

Her hand wrapped around my finger :o)

Her in her Daddy's hand :o)
And a color one just for fun...
Now that I have a new subject, Landon wants his picture taken! It only took 3 years!
And a snapshot of her snoozing in her bouncer! She was worn out!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lilly's Photoshoot

So, I've been "trying" to do a newborn photoshoot with Lilly and she is NOT having it! She sleeps 99% of the day, except for when I'm attempting the photoshoot, lol! What a diva! I have been able to capture a couple of keepers each time...Enjoy:

And here is one from today since it's 4th of July! (3 years ago today, I was bringing my baby boy home from the hospital!!!):

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lilly Nicole Jones

She's HERE!!! She was born June 18th at 5:17pm. She weighed 6lbs 5oz and is PERFECT!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Chef

Landon loves to cook, so I decided to show him how to make "Pizza Biscuits". He really LOVED making them!!!
Washing his hands-he is a clean little cook:

Posing before we start:

Our "pizza making supplies":

1st-flatten out the biscuit:

2nd-"Paint" on the sauce:

3rd-Sprinkle on the cheese:

4th-Add the "Peppahnoni's":

Our special step-steal the pepperoni's:

Here is the finished product, and he wouldn't even take a bit of it!:


We have made it through our first year of baseball (capball)! It was TOUGH!!! Capball is kind of like tball, but the parents go on the field with their kiddo...Let me tell you-chasing after a two year old on a baseball field while eight months pregnant is NOT fun, lol! During the process, I realized that I am not much of a sports fan...Landon seemed to be on my side about the whole adventure...He didn't care too much for practicing and the games consisted of digging in the dirt for "pretty rocks" (I guess that is what happens when you don't let your kid play in the dirt at home!).

Me and Landon in the Opening Day Parade:
How mean is it that they put the field next to the playground? I had to peel him away from the fence a lot!:
Landon playing 2nd base, lol!:
He was a funny little batter! He would hit the ball and then run to get it! Then he would pitch a fit when the other team got "his" ball!:
Drinking Juice at the ball party:
Landon and his little team mates:
Getting a trophy:
He's soooo proud!!!:
Enjoying a yummy cupcake:
Then we played in a mud puddle when we got home! What a way to end the season!:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Morning Lucy Show

My hubby had a show at Zydeco Saturday night and it was super fun! I'll post the pictures from the show later, but here is a little tease...the pictures from the "preshow", hehe!

Me and Lilly

My hubby Ben

Terin during her mini shoot before the show, lol!

Terin, Christie, Crystal, Jonathan, and Mike

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cupcakes at Granny Jo's

Landon has been sick for a long time and today he started to feel better! We decided to go to Granny Jo's with his cousin Sailor and have cupcakes! MMM...they were yummy! I ate about THREE!!!
The yummy cupcakes:
My baby Landon licking the icing:
Sailor after she ate her cupcake:

I am now in my fifth month of pregnancy, so I decided to take my four month profile picture (after eating all the cupcakes of course!)...I don't see how my belly can get any bigger than this!:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Break

Okay, so Spring Break is officially here and I've got tons to do! I really need to step it up this week and get things in order to make our lives easier before we add another kiddo to the bunch. On my list of to do's:
  1. Get the house cleaned and organized
  2. Catch up on homework and lesson plans
  4. Start "preschool'ish days" for Landon
  5. Register for Lilly's baby shower
  7. Work on Photography

Let me go into detail on each of the items on my list:

  1. My house is soooooo unorganized! I can remember my life before house was decorated nicely, organized, and CLEAN! For two and a half years now I've been fighting clutter! I get really motivated and start listing my to do's (I'm a big planner! I can plan over and over again routines to get my house in order but actually putting the plan into action is where I lack...). I'm addicted to flylady!!! She is a perfect fix for people living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)...If you are living in CHAOS check her website out at
  2. I have soooo much homework due after spring break! I'm about sick of school...just nine more months until I graduate and become a real teacher I(Yes, I am counting down the days, hehe)! I'm doing my mini student teaching in my Mother-in-law's 2nd grade classroom at Moody Elementary and it's a really nice break from sitting in class at UAB!!!
  3. This one is a BIG one on my to do list! I know he can do it. He potty's everytime I take him to the bathroom, he just doesn't tell me when he has to go! So I'm left guessing and taking him every 15 minutes...I feel like I spend the whole day in the bathroom! I get tired of doing it...this week WILL be different! I've got to hide the diapers and pull out the undies :o)!
  4. Since Landon doesn't go to preschool, I really want to start a daily routine of activities that he WOULD do if he did attend school. He's really smart! He knows his ABC's, Numbers, Shapes, and Color. He also loves music, art, and playtime...sooooo, I want to work with him everyday to prepare him for real school! (Yes, I know he's only two and a half, but, you can never start too early :o)! Here are two of his favorite websites that we visit daily: + (we do the toddler games).
  5. I know it's not right to have a 2nd baby shower, but, I don't have any girl things! So we are going to have a shower for Lilly! I'm thinking about registering at Babies R Us and Target...Gotta get on the ball though, because Landon tried to come at 32 weeks and if she's anything like him then I only have 10 more weeks until preterm labor!!!
  6. My whole family is super sick! We just keep passing germs back and forth, back and forth! It all started with a tummy bug and now it's a bad cold! I bought a can of Lysol and have been covering anything and everything that anybody touches...I'm determined to get rid of the germs in my house!!! I'm thinking of adding this step to my night routine so that every night before bed I can spray the house...
  7. I really need to work on my photography!!! Ever since I got pregnant with Lilly, I've been slacking in photography...I'm just not practicing anymore...I've promised myself to spend some time EVERYDAY reading and practicing!!! I also need to be thinking about upcoming Easter sessions...I haven't even decided what I'm going to do for them...I usually plan this event several months in advance! Man, I'm a slacker!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow 2009

I just LOVE snow! When we woke up I told Landon to look outside...when he did he yelled "nose"!!! (That's what he calls snow, hehe!) We bundled up really tight and went on an adventure outside...He even made his first "meman" (snowman, lol)! He decided to roll in the snow and ended up getting his outfit soaked! Then he pitched a pretty good fit when we had to come in!

Fishbowl Photoshoot

I tried out my new background, plexiglass, and fishbowl on Landon. He would not let me cut his hair so we went for the shaggy look, lol! Don't worry the fish is not real...